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City Zurich
Where Kunsthaus Zurich, collection
The collection encompasses roughly 100’000 artworks, ranging from the 13. century until now – 400 objects are currently being displayed for the public, yet they always change it up a little. The Swiss masters and internationally celebrated artists are long-time guests at Kunsthaus Zürich.
Price CHF 25
Admission to the museum collection is included.
All prices include 7.7% VAT
Duration 60 min
min. age 14
max. number of participants 15

Diese Tour ist als Privatanlass oder Teamevent an einem Wunschdatum buchbar: to the private group tours

"This is a true free the nipple movement!"

This tour is all about femininity and takes a close look at the women behind great works of art, and those depicted (or hidden?) - in them. We will discover the heroines hidden behind sensous behinds, the rascals living in the shadow of shame and the baddies hidden behind breasts.


Marion W.
June 2019
Es war absolut genial gemacht,engagiert und spannend und… zu schnell vorbei!
Valerie T.
April 2019
Thanks for the provocative, varied, and inspiring Womamazing tour last night! It was thought-provoking and entertaining, a combination that is not easy to puff off, so thanks for that!
Sirkka E.
August 2018
It’s important to hear about women and art in times of #metoo.
Dagmar L.
August 2018
Fast-paced tour on women and power in art. Fascinating account from the guide.
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