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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of letsmuseeum
Version from 30 August 2017

Subject Matter & Scope of the Contract
letsmuseeum GmbH (subsequently referred to as letsmuseeum) offers attractive tours in a carefully curated selection of museums conducted by qualified guides in different languages. By purchasing a ticket in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions, the participant can take part in such a museum tour. These Terms and Conditions govern the legal relations between the participant on the one hand and letsmuseeum on the other. By purchasing a ticket, the participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

Tour Tickets
Tour tickets can only be purchased on the website www.letsmuseeum.com. The prices indicated for the respective tour are applicable (incl. VAT).

Participants who are eligible for a rebate have to provide the tour guide with adequate proof before the individual tour starts. Otherwise, letsmuseeum reserves the right to charge an additional fee. The rebates can be changed, limited or amended by letsmuseeum at any time.

The participant has to arrive at the tour punctually at the start time the participant has been informed of. Admission after the start of a letsmuseeum tour cannot be guaranteed. 

Tickets Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. In the event of tardiness or a no-show, ticket owners are not entitled to a refund or compensation of any kind.

Transferring Tickets
The tickets are not bound to a specific person and can be transferred to third parties before the tour starts. The participants are not permitted to transfer tickets to persons under the age of 14. The participant is responsible for guaranteeing that the tour details the participant receives from letsmuseeum by email and text message are forwarded to third parties accordingly.

Tour Changes
letsmuseeum reserves the right to cancel a tour or to change the date, time or tour guide even if advance booking has already started. All participants for whom tickets have been booked will be notified of the changes by email, including the participants who have generally chosen not to receive any further tour details.If the tour cannot take place or the participant cannot take part in the tour due to the changes made by letsmuseeum, the participant is entitled to a refund in the amount of the ticket price. Entitlement to the refund will be forfeited if the participant does not inform letsmuseeum that the participant is entitled to the refund by email within three working days upon notification of the change. letsmuseeum excludes all further liability.

Coat Check
Coat check items (coats, umbrellas, large bags, bulky objects etc.) cannot be taken into the exhibitions and have to be checked in at the museum coat check. Taking food and beverages into the exhibition is prohibited. Smoking is not permitted in the exhibition.

Taking Photographs and Filming
Pieces of artwork marked by a “Cameras Prohibited” sign may not be photographed or filmed.

House Rules
The participant has to comply with the guidelines of the letsmuseeum tour guides and the house rules of the respective museum. The participant can be excluded from participating in a tour if the participant harasses other persons or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the participant might disturb the tour. The ticket price will not be refunded in these cases.

letsmuseeum Tours letsmuseeum takes photos and makes video and audio recordings on tours. In the event that photos are taken or film and/or audio recordings are made by authorized persons during a tour, the participant agrees to letsmuseeum publishing or making use of such photos or recordings without any claim for compensation, even if the participant is personally recognizable in the photos or recordings.The participant waives the assertion of claims regarding personal rights or data protection that could prevent the use of the photos as well as the film or audio recordings.

If the participant suffers damage of any kind on the premises of the museum during a letsmuseeum tour, letsmuseeum shall only be liable in case of gross negligence or intentional violation of its contractual obligations by its representatives, auxiliary persons orvicarious agents. Liability for injury to life, body and health remains reserved. The participant shall be fully liable for any damage caused by the participant during a letsmuseeum tour on the premises of the museum.

Privacy Policy & Personal Information
Personal information such as the name, address, telephone number, email address of the participant as well as the credit card information of the participant in the case of payments made by credit card will be collected, stored, processed, and used in compliance with Swiss data protectionlaws to the extent necessary to fulfill the contract.
letsmuseeum is entitled to store the personal information of participants for the purpose of internal statistical analytics and to pass it on to third parties commissioned by letsmuseeum to organize the exhibition or sell tickets to the extent necessary for these purposes.
The participant acknowledges and expressly agrees that the personal information of the participant is used by letsmuseeum for the aforementioned purposes.
Participants are entitled, in accordance with Art. 8 Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), to make a written request for information and may demand deletion or correction of data in accordance with Article 15 FADP. The Privacy Policy of letsmuseeum is also applicable.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
Swiss law is applicable. The court of jurisdiction for disputes is Zurich.