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Disco. Dada. Darwin.

Just imagine you could zap through a museum, a city or a park – for real. Your guide is not an expert but a fan. You’ll hear stories that will entertain, touch and inspire you. What you experience with us is all about , and .

May we introduce: Disco, Dada, Darwin. The most unusual tours in all of Switzerland. New, one-of-a-kind and unforgettable!

#letsmuseeum is an initiative that is independent of the museums. The museums can’t help you if you have any questions.



The backstage-crew in the front row: Daniel Wernli, Reto Meierhofer, Caroline Schlüter, Rea Eggli (enthroned in the middle), Cynthia Naef. Surrounded by our guides and a couple of inspirations. Hi there!


Gerne beraten wir Sie persönlich oder stehen Ihnen für Fragen aller Art zur Verfügung. Caroline Schlüter freut sich auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme: caroline@letsmuseeum.com


Janine R.
November 2018
Very refreshing. Lovely mixture of interactive fun and learning new things. Exciting anecdotes, I learned a lot about the artists, the art, the building, people working there and other useless stuff (doesn’t mean that it wasn’t interesting ;-)). #letsmuseeum, the best way to get you into a museum again.
Johanna S.
August 2018
I’m so glad that you exist! I’m often either too bored or not entertained by museums, even though I love art! Thanks for being there.
Sarah S.
May 2018
Every tour so far was highly enjoyable, I could laugh and learn at the same time. And thanks to #letsmuseeum I visited museums that I didn’t know before. Thank you!
May 2018
Very entertaining, can only recommend! Humour, joy, creativity, knowledge and a lot of passion – that’s what you’ll get. Can’t wait for my next tour with you guys!
Arbeitskreis Grossstädtischer Volkshochschulen
April 2018
The experience takes centre stage. #letsmuseeum changes the game.
Arbeitskreis Grossstädtischer Volkshochschulen
April 2018
Very refreshing! #letmuseuum is light and delightful, yet you still get to experience art all the way through.
Dimitri K.
March 2018
Perfect recreational time sprinkled with culture and fun. Will recommend!
October 2017
Not into dry art lectures? Here’s your solution!